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Do you struggle with putting together plant-based salads that fill you up and taste delicious?


Not sure exactly what to put in to feel nourished or lack creativity in the kitchen? 

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This guide will help you!


  • You’ll learn how to put together a filling salad in 4 easy steps.

  • With these basic steps, you’ll be able to create an endless variety of power salads that will make your transition to a plant-based diet one that you really enjoy and keep for the long run. 

  • By putting these steps into practice, you'll eventually be able to quickly and intuitively put together plant-based meals.

I need this guide!



My name is Gina and I’m a Pharmacist and a Certified Health Coach. 


Growing up I was a very picky eater and was used to having a diet that consisted mostly of animal products and processed foods. During my late 20’s I was experiencing tons of ailments due to food sensitivities caused by the mix of high levels of work-related stress + unhealthy eating. 


I was suffering from headaches, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, face eczema, nasal allergies, and weight gain. I knew I needed to make changes ASAP. That’s when I began my journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


I changed jobs and started eating better. I managed to transition from ZERO veggies to 100% plant-based. In between, there was a lot of confusion, trial and error, research, and studying until I finally was able to fully enjoy the benefits and love eating plants. 


Now as a Health Coach I can help, guide, and support others through that transition into a healthier lifestyle with more ease :)


Want to get to know me a little more or need the support of a Coach to start your journey towards health? 


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