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On a more personal note...

On a professional aspect, I obtained a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and then decided to combine my interest in science and medicine by studying Pharmacy. I was eager to learn about how medications were able to “get rid” of disease and how exactly this worked inside our bodies. 


After obtaining my Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy and working in the healthcare industry for a few years, I was very disappointed with what I saw and learned. While there are amazing professionals and opportunities to heal within the Western Medicine sector, what I mostly saw was a vicious cycle. A cycle that consisted of people visiting their healthcare provider, healthcare provider just telling patient what was wrong (often with minimal explanation), patient coming out of consult with numerous prescriptions (not even knowing exactly what they were for), then patient going back to the pharmacy every month for refills. Some of the meds ended up giving them side effects, for which they would take more meds, and even worst, giving them new conditions that would make them repeat the aforementioned cycle again and again.  Needless to say, it was alarming and heartbreaking. 


This, along with an incredibly stressful job, unhealthy eating, “work-hard-play-hard” mentality and not feeling content with the decisions I had taken in life, left me feeling down and in desperate need of a change. And change I did…


I decided to completely switch careers (became a Yacht Stewardess!), travel, learn how to practice yoga/meditation, completely changed my diet, started exercising more, met new people, and created healthy nourishing habits while staying away from negative, harmful ones. But it didn’t all happen from one day to another. I achieved all of this little by little, step by step. Many ups and downs but all 100% worth it. It was and continues to be a journey of growth which I’m enjoying every step of the way.


This journey and experiences led me to ultimately decide it was time to share all of my knowledge. I took the decision to further my studies and become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as a way of helping others discover that by being healthy (mind-body-soul), we can fully enjoy life and all it has to offer.


On a more personal level, I am a very loving, caring, and affectionate person who enjoys traveling, being outdoors, spending time with loved ones, and learning new things. I love reading on topics such as personal growth, self-care, nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, wellbeing, and health. 


I value time and freedom which are two things I always strive to have present in my life. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, cooking & baking, spending time at the beach, traveling, planning trips to new places, reading, and cuddling with my cat Mia.


If you would like to see a bit more of my personal life, you can follow me on my personal Instagram.


I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little more. Please reach out with any comments or questions. Would love to connect with you ...

- Gina | mintlifeRx

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