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Are you tired of feeling

consumed by the stress from work?

  • Are you feeling overworked and exhausted every single day?

  • Do you constantly worry about work issues, even at home?

  • Is the stress from work taking over your life?

  • Are you constantly reaching out for unhealthy food choices to cope with anxiety?

  • Are you tired of feeling guilty about your eating habits?

  • Are you lacking time to care for yourself and do more of the things you love?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job situation?

  • Have you lost the motivation to live your purpose of helping others through your work?

Let me introduce you to the

Healthy in Healthcare Kickstarter Program

1:1 Coaching Program that will help you...

✓ Find calmness by managing your stress before, during, and after work

✓ Prevent disease through a Plant-Based diet

✓ Experience daily joy by creating time to care for yourself and do the things you love

✓Explore your values and live by them to have a fulfilling life of purpose

I've been there...

When I look back at my years working for a big retail Pharmacy,

I remember how much I struggled with wanting to have a healthier

diet to feel more comfortable and satisfied with my body, have more

energy, and prevent chronic disease. 


Problem was, that my job environment was a very stressful one.

I was always trying to keep up with metrics and demands while taking

care of my patients. All of that stress ended up affecting my health, both

physically and mentally. I started developing numerous food sensitivities,

was suffering from constant heartburn and acid reflux, headaches, weight

gain and bloating among other physical manifestations. I also started having

constant mood swings and developed such anger inside of me that I didn't

quite understand and couldn't control. That’s when I realized that I had to take

action towards improving my situation ASAP, or else I would be stuck in an unfulfilling

life for who knows how many years. 


Small steps at a time, I started changing my eating habits. I went from eating ZERO vegetables to a plant-based diet that made me naturally lose weight, feel more energized, and look more radiant. At the same time, I learned how to manage stress in a way that I could apply to every situation in life and live my days with more ease. As part of the process, I also discovered how to CREATE time to care for myself and engage in the things I love in order to experience joy every single day. By taking the time to care and reconnect with myself, I found clarity on what my purpose was and how I could change my life to finally live according to it. 


Now that I discovered how amazing it feels to live a healthy and fulfilling life of purpose, I’ve made it my mission to help other women in healthcare feel the same because I believe in leading by example. I think that if we care for ourselves, we can better care for our patients, and by doing so, we create a ripple effect where we inspire others to do the same and take action towards their wellbeing. 


Everything goes hand in hand. It's time to regain control of your life and health. If not now, when? Once you learn how to manage that work-related stress, you'll stop reaching out for unhealthy food choices. This will aid in having a healthier plant-based diet through which you'll feel more comfortable with your body and have more energy while preventing disease. This new way of eating combined with the methods of dealing with stress, you'll feel calmer and more at ease which will let things flow more efficiently throughout your day, opening up time to do everything you need to. That extra time will provide space for self-care, moments of joy, and reconnecting with yourself. Those will then bring forth the motivation to stay on track and make that way of living your new norm while gaining clarity on what you want from life. 

created a program with that in mind. Through my life-transforming program, I will guide and support you through a path that will lead to less stress, better diet, and more time for doing the things you cherish so you can fully enjoy your life, live with purpose and feel satisfied. 


Gina Suarez | Certified Health Coach for Women in Healthcare | Pharmacist

You'll LOVE this journey...

  • Even though I’m a Pharmacist, I like to make things easy. No need to complicate anything, and that’s how I run my program. 


  • I want the process to be one that you enjoy so that it sticks! So that the healthy habits and practices that you learn are ones that you don’t ever want to stop since they’ll make you feel so happy and alive.


  • We’ll go step by step. No need to rush. No need to feel overwhelmed.


  • I’ll meet you where you’re at. You don’t even need to know how to pick an apple. We’ll work together from whatever starting point you’re at and take it from there. No need to feel intimidated or ashamed. Believe me, I started my journey from ZERO. 


  • It’ll be so much fun! I’m a high energy person and I like to take my clients there as well.


  • I’m also pretty Zen. Therefore I love adding to my program aspects of spirituality and introspection as part of the process. After all, this journey will lead you to inevitable personal growth. (Which is one of my favorite parts!)

This program is just what you need if you...

✓ Want to stop work-related stress consuming you 

✓ Want your days to go by with more ease and peace of mind

✓ Want to feel more confident with your food choices
✓ Want to eat better through plant-based foods

✓ Want to feel healthy and vibrant

✓ Would like to have more energy throughout your busy day

✓ Want to feel comfortable and satisfied with your body

✓ Are tired of not having time for the things you love

✓ Need to take more care of yourself

✓ Want to make joy part of your everyday 

✓ Want to have a more balanced and fulfilled life

✓ Want to reconnect with your purpose of helping others through your work

✓ Are ready and fully committed to make significant positive changes in your life

This program is NOT for you if...

You are currently not ready or able to invest in changing your life

You don’t take responsibility for your actions

You are not ready, able, and willing to commit the next 16 weeks to showing up and doing the work

You are looking for an individualized meal plan with calorie counting

You are currently working with another Health or Wellness Coach

What you'll get

  • By the time we’re done, you’ll know how to deal with work-related stress in a healthy and effective way, so you feel more at ease


  • During the program, you’ll start feeling more refreshed and energetic due to the plant-based meals you’ll be enjoying

  • You’re finally going to have time during your week to do the things you want and love


  • You'll reconnect with yourself and your values giving you clarity of where you want to go in life


  • You'll feel satisfied with the lifestyle that you are carrying and that will bring you the sense of fulfillment you are looking for

What's included in the program?

  • This is a 16 week 1:1 coaching package with me. We will have one 45 minute call each week plus unlimited messenger and email support M-F, 9am-5pm. Each week you will have 1-3 action steps to work on. 


  • During our appointments, we will discuss your progress, address any concerns, provide recommendations, and set the 1-3 steps you’ll be working on for that week. I will also provide you with a set of notes after each meeting covering the main topics of our call. 


  • You will have a variety of original Plant-Based recipes by the end of the program, and I will also share any interesting ones I find online during our time together. You will also learn how to be creative and become more independent and confident in the kitchen as to not only rely on recipes. 


  • You will have access to my exclusive informational videos regarding food, cooking, nutrition, stress reduction techniques, time management, and more that will only be available for my private clients. 

There’s no need to keep overthinking about when you will take action to finally manage your work-related stress, improve your eating habits and truly care for yourself so you can start living your best life. 


It’s time to take action NOW and embark on a health journey that’s exciting, refreshing, and nourishing. I have the prescription you need to finally enjoy the mint life you deserve. 


Let’s work on this together. 

Ready to start the journey to your most vibrant self? 


Book a FREE

Mental Peace Call

Let's talk about your struggles and concerns and how I can help you change your health and life through my program

Spots are VERY limited (Only 2!) so don’t wait any longer! 

Book your call now so we can start working towards that healthier, more fulfilling mint life you want!

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