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Light and Free

Weight Loss + Healthy Habits

12-Week Transformational Coaching Program

Are you tired of feeling

heavy and uncomfortable in your body?

Are you way over your shirts and pants feeling super tight?

Have you tried eating healthy but end up starving and binging on cookies at night? 

Is the heaviness and lack of energy getting on the way of exercising and being active?

Would you love to lose weight naturally with no super strict or fad diet?

If so, I've got something exciting for you... 

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Hi there!


My name is Gina Suarez. I’m a plant-based Pharmacist and a Health Coach. I went from eating

ZERO vegetables and ZERO fruits to being 100% plant-based. 


After eating processed and sugary foods for my whole life + working a very stressful job as a retail

Pharmacist, I started developing food sensitivities that were causing me to have constant heartburn,

acid reflux, headaches, bloating, nasal allergies, face rash, and weight gain. I was feeling



One day I realized, I couldn’t keep going like that. If that was me at 28, what would my life look

like at 38?


The problem was, I didn’t know what healthy eating really was or how to go about it. I had spent

a whole summer at the gym sweating my butt off to lose the extra pounds and only managed to

lose 2 lbs 🙄

I then resorted to what I knew best, researching and studying! I started studying the impact that food has

on our physical, mental, and emotional health. I also researched and learned about the connection between

body-mind-spirit and began implementing healthy habits that transformed my life.


It wasn’t until I changed my diet to a more natural and nourishing one plus started seriously practicing healthy daily habits, that I then lost 15 lbs and felt lighter and so comfortable in my body. 


I was so in awe about the power of food and good habits, that I eventually became an Internationally Certified Health Coach. Through it, I now help others start their own journey towards health. I help women lose weight, have more energy, and feel their best so that they can gain control of their lives and live with passion. 


I designed this program exactly for that! So you can get rid of those extra pounds without having to go through a miserable diet with which you feel hungry all the time. I’ll teach you how to eat more whole natural foods that you’ll love! By doing so your body will achieve a state of balance. As a side effect, you naturally lose weight. We also implement daily healthy habits that aid in the process. All of this combined creates a healthy lifestyle that will give you freedom from food, cravings, heaviness, and feelings of stuckness in your life. You’ll finally feel comfortable in your body.

Here’s the breakdown of this transformational coaching program 

Image by Dainis Graveris

Phase 1

Setting Goals and Mindset

  • We’ll set specific weekly goals to focus on. That way we can arrange an action plan that’s structured and clear so you can effectively reach those goals. The sum of all those weekly actions will then help you lose the weight and finally feel great in your body!

  • We’ll work on discovering which thoughts and beliefs prevent you from achieving your goals and set you free from them so you can accomplish what you want with more ease. 


Phase 2

Mindful Eating And Connecting With Your Body

  • I’ll teach you how to be more present when eating so that you can truly enjoy the experience, reduce overeating, and improve your relationship with food. 

  • You’ll learn how to connect with your body so that you can identify what portions are adequate for you and recognize any adverse physical effects that some foods can have on your body.

  • You’ll discover how diet can affect your mental state and how eating more whole natural foods can help you stress less and even have more focus. 

  • On the other way around, you’ll also learn to identify what emotions and feelings make you reach out for food as a quick fix or support. You’ll learn how to be more aware of this so that we can explore the root issues instead of eating the Oreos.

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Phase 3

Optimal Routine For Weight Loss

  • Together, we will create a routine that works for your specific needs, so that lack of structure doesn’t get on the way of healthy eating. That routine will help you stay away from crappy food, prevent cravings and binge eating, and have more energy so that instead of watching Netflix every evening after work, you start exercising or working on more exciting hobbies.

  • As part of that daily routine, we’ll incorporate healthy habits that promote self-care and self-love so you can gain more confidence, be more successful at losing those extra pounds, and feel like a total babe when heading to the beach or pool rocking your new bathing suit ;)

Image by Ed O'Neil

Phase 4

Adding More Natural Foods

  • Instead of focusing on eliminating foods from your diet, we’ll first focus on adding more whole natural foods that will help you start using those pants that didn’t fit anymore in no time.

  • You’ll learn how to quickly put together balanced plant-based meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious. Everyone can do this, and you’ll see there’s no such thing as a bad cook! You only need to know a few tips and tricks, and you’ll be eating delicious home-cooked meals that will blow your mind ;)

  • I’ll teach you how to make healthy food choices when you go to the grocery store as well as better food choices when you go out and eat with friends.

Tropical Fruits

Phase 5

Tackling Cravings

  • We’ll bring to light the reason why you’re having those annoying cravings that leave you feeling guilty after eating that whole pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream at 9 pm.

  • I’ll teach you how to manage and prevent them so that you feel free from the guilt that they bring (not to mention the extra pounds).

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Phase 6

Keeping The Lifestyle Going

  • We will discuss strategies to keep the momentum going so that you can maintain your new healthy lifestyle after the program and prevent you from falling back into your old habits. 


  • We’ll identify possible setbacks and challenges going forward and create a specific Prevention Action Plan so that you can be ready at any point those difficulties arise.

Why work with me?

  • I like to make things easy. No need to complicate anything, and that’s how I run my program. 


  • I want the process to be one that you enjoy so that it sticks! So that the healthy habits and practices that you learn are ones that you don’t ever want to stop since they’ll make you feel so happy and alive.


  • We’ll go step by step. No need to rush. No need to feel overwhelmed.


  • I’ll meet you where you’re at. You don’t even need to know how to pick an apple. We’ll work together from whatever starting point you’re at and take it from there. No need to feel intimidated or ashamed. Believe me, I started my journey from ZERO. 


  • It’ll be so much fun! I’m a high energy person and I like to take my clients there as well.


  • I’m also pretty Zen. Therefore I love adding to my program aspects of spirituality and introspection as part of the process. After all, this journey will lead you to inevitable personal growth. (Which is one of my favorite parts!)


“I love the program so much! I love how you keep in touch. I truly enjoy our calls and all the ideas and information you provide. I love how you talk with so much confidence as well. You’re awesome!”

-- Kristina R.

This program will be a perfect fit if you…

  • Are sick and tired of the extra weight and want to get rid of it in a natural way

  • Want to be free from those annoying cravings that make you feel guilty

  • Are willing to transition into a plant-based diet or drastically reduce the amount of food from animal origin

  • Need more structure and good habits in your life to create sustainable changes

  • Are 100% committed to changing your lifestyle and putting in the work

  • Are seriously ready to invest in yourself

  • Need support and accountability to guide you through this process

This program will NOT be for you if you...

  • Are looking for a quick fix to lose weight

  • Not willing to make the necessary changes

  • Do not take charge and responsibility for your actions and life

  • Are not ready or able to invest in your health

After two weeks of 1:1 coaching: “I can already feel more energized, especially getting out of bed in the morning. I have been able to wake up earlier and do a morning routine. I feel lighter and have been more in touch with my body when eating, noticing how it reacts to certain foods. Also, the pain I used to have in my hands is gone now.” ​

-- Roselia P.

By the time we're done...

Image by Katarina Šikuljak
  • You’ll be more creative and become more independent and confident in the kitchen so you don’t only rely on recipes. No more extra energy having to figure out what the hell to put in your plate that’s healthy, yummy, and makes you feel satisfied!


  • You’ll know how to deal with and prevent cravings so you can stop feeling guilty about constantly reaching out for the Chocolate Chip cookies.


  • You’ll have more energy so that you stop feeling like a couch potato and have the energy to go hiking or dancing whenever you feel like it.


  • Days will go by with more ease since you’ll have an optimal routine that will create space for not only work but also to cook healthy dinners, exercise, indulge in ME time, and even have zoom parties with friends or family.


  • Your new lifestyle will be one that helps you maintain a healthy weight and one that will prevent you from ever going back to feeling or looking like you do now. A true transformation.

The Coaching Package Includes

  • Weekly 45 minutes Coaching calls for 12 weeks where we will discuss progress and challenges. 

  • Unlimited messenger and email support M-F from 9 am-5 pm.


  • Full set of notes after each meeting covering the main topics of our call plus 1-3 action steps to work on.


  • Variety of healthy plant-based recipes, including sample menus. 


  • Virtual Pantry Tour where we will go through your pantry and talk about the products that may be preventing you from reaching your goals and ways to substitute them for healthier choices. 


  • Access to my Group Coaching Program private Facebook Group where we share our plant-based meals, recipes, and weekly challenges, plus we motivate and inspire each other to keep eating healthy.

It's time to set yourself free from the uncomfortable extra weight.

Time to feel light, energized, empowered, and healthy.

Having restricting diets to get rid of the extra pounds is frustrating and eventually leads to gaining back the weight. 


"Should I cut out carbs?

Will I have a protein deficit with a plant-based diet?

Should I juice every day?

Should I eat fewer fruits? "


It's overwhelming trying to figure out exactly how to eat healthy with the vast ocean of information out on the internet.


I know because I went through it.

That's why working together will be so valuable.


I'll save you the time and frustration by guiding you on how to eat healthy natural foods that feel right for YOU and your body. Together, we'll also incorporate habits that will lead to a lifestyle change. A REAL transformation that will liberate you from the extra weight while eating yummy, nourishing plant-based foods, and maintain that balanced and healthy weight that you will achieve.

Ready to lose weight and feel comfortable in your body while loving the food you eat and feel amazing along the way?

Book a Free Clarity Call

with me today

This is a FREE consultation call where we can talk about your challenges when it comes to losing weight, talk about the program, and see if we will be a good fit to work together ;)

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