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My name is Ginamaría Suárez and I’m a Pharmacist and Certified Health Coach.


As a Health Coach, my mission is to work together as a team to help you

reach your personal health goals.


Together, we do this by creating an open space of trust where I’ll provide

guidance through nutrition and wellness practices that you’ll be slowly learning

and implementing. This way, you’ll be successful at adopting healthy lifestyle changes

in your everyday life that are sustainable and everlasting. 


A very important point is the fact that we’ll work together taking into consideration that each one of us has different wants and needs. A concept known as bio-individuality. Working with what your specific body needs, instead of following a standard, will allow us to achieve the desired positive outcomes with more ease and success. 


Once you take the decision to join forces, you’ll be paving the road for that joyful and energetic life you’ve been dreaming of.

Health Coaching

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Yoga at Home

We are most certainly what we eat. The quality of food we fuel our bodies with are the determinants of not only how we feel physically, but also how we feel emotionally. Eating nourishing healthy whole foods does NOT have to be a sacrifice. I can show you how easy, fun and absolutely delicious eating healthy can be.

Health is not only about eating well and being disease free. It is also about feeling nourished in all aspects of our lives such as relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality and finances. Together we will explore these areas and you will learn how they can impact your health. You will see that overall wellbeing is also about feeding our souls and finding balance on a daily basis.

Eating healthy and finding balance can be a daunting task when you don't even know where to start. That's what I'm here for. I am here to make a clear path for you. We will get to know each other and create a program based on YOUR specific needs. I will guide and support you through the entire process in order to attain your desired health goals. 


After working together you will...

  • Be more creative, independent, and confident in the kitchen, so you don't only rely on recipes. No more extra energy having to figure out what to put in your plate that's healthy, yummy, and makes you feel satisfied!

  • Feel confident and comfortable in your body through a plant-based diet while preventing disease as well

  • Be able to prepare healthy home-cooked meals, therefore decreasing or even eliminating the need for buying processed foods

  • Know how to deal with and prevent cravings so you can stop feeling guilty about continually reaching out for the Chocolate Chip cookies


  • Gain more energy through your diet and stress-reducing practices to stop feeling like a couch potato and have the stamina to go hiking or dancing whenever you feel like it.


  • Have more easeful days since you'll have an optimal routine that will create space for not only work but also to cook healthy dinners, exercise, indulge in ME time, and share with friends or family.​

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