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Let's go Plant-Based!

4-Week Group Coaching Program

Would you like to transition into a plant-based diet to feel great and naturally start losing weight?

Hey lady! Question...

  • Has transitioning into a healthy plant-based diet been on your mind for a while but you’re just not sure where to start?

  • Is the extra weight making you feel heavy, tired, and uncomfortable in your body

  • Are you bored and unmotivated to eat what you currently cook?

  • Do you struggle with creativity in the kitchen when it comes to plant-based dishes?

  • Do you finally want to look and feel great inside and out?

Answered yes to any of these?

Then I've got something special for you...



My name is Gina Suarez, and I am a Pharmacist and a Certified Health Coach.

Several years ago, while working as a Pharmacist, I found myself living

a super stressful life, eating a high amount of processed foods and sugar,

and living a toxic lifestyle in general. I started to develop various physical

ailments, such as:


  • Headaches

  • Heartburn and acid reflux

  • Constipation

  • Nasal allergies

  • Facial eczema

  • Bloating

  • Weight gain


I was not comfortable with my body and was afraid of developing a severe illness if I did not take control of my health and life. 


At 28, I was taking pills for so many things. I took TUMS and Ibuprofen like candy so I could go about my days without discomfort. One day I realized, I couldn't keep going like that. If that was me at 28, what would my life look like at 38?

So I took action! I took action towards changing my life, starting with dropping the unfulfilling job I had, lowering my stress levels, and gradually changing my food. I went from eating ZERO vegetables to being 100% plant-based. The physical, mental, and emotional change that I have experienced ever since has been so beautiful and magical that I needed to share it and help others achieve the same!


That is why I now work as a Health Coach helping others achieve their health goals through holistic nutrition and wellness practices.


I like to call my lifestyle a tropical lifestyle.


In this tropical life, I love having colorful and tasty meals that nourish and energize me. A few years ago, I managed to effortlessly lose 10 pounds in just a couple of months and feel more comfortable and confident in my body by reducing my intake of animal products and eating natural plant-based foods. In addition to the weight, I managed to reduce considerably and even eliminate the physical conditions that I had previously mentioned. 


Let me show you how you can do the same for yourself! 

I created this 4-week group coaching program to help you eat more plants and transition to a plant-based diet with fun and ease! 

Through it, I’ll guide and teach you strategic ways of adding more natural plant-based foods into your diet. In the end, you'll be able to be confident and creative in the kitchen when it comes to creating quick, easy, and delicious plant-based meals that will become part of your regular diet and lifestyle. Having this healthy diet + my guidance as a Health Coach for a whole month will get you on track to finally start shedding off some unwanted extra pounds gradually and naturally. So more veggies + less weight + feel great! Yay!

The goal of the program is for you to learn how to add more whole natural plant-based foods into your diet in a way that's creative and effortless so that you can feel great and start losing weight in a natural way.

During our 4 weeks together we will talk about...

  • Essential components you need in each plant-based meal to feel nourished and satisfied

  • How to create power salads and bowls

  • Strategic ways of putting together plant-based meals that are quick and easy

  • Ways to sneak in more veggies into your usual meals

  • A fool-proof method to create plant-based meals that are vibrant and delicious

  • Variety of ways to substitute animal products with plant-based ones

  • Making plant-based versions of your favorite comfort foods

plant based loaded potatoes

"As a  health care worker and mom, I was looking for ways to eat healthier with my current busy schedule. Gina has been a great support on how to integrate more plants in my diet and she kept me accountable on how to make this change and her knowledge about plants and self-care is vast. Highly recommend working with Gina if you are looking to get your health to the next level."


— Keila T.

You’ll be a perfect fit for this program if you...

  • Want to add more whole natural foods to your diet but don’t know where to start

  • Struggle with creativity when it comes to plant-based dishes

  • Currently eat animal products but would like to lower or eliminate their consumption

  • Are looking for a fun supportive environment that will keep you motivated to cook and eat healthy plant-based foods daily

  • Would like to feel confident in the kitchen and intuitively put together easy healthy meals that taste delicious and make you feel awesome

  • Want to lose weight gradually without starving or killing yourself at the gym

  • Are ready and 100% committed to investing in yourself and improve your eating habits

This program will probably NOT be a good fit if you...

  • Like to eat through calorie counting

  • Want a quick fix to lose weight

  • Have no desire to be adventurous in the kitchen and experiment with food

  • Do not like cooking at all

  • Are not 100% committed to making changes in your diet and lifestyle

  • Are not ready to invest in your health

  • Are not willing to lower significantly your animal product consumption

  • Do not have the time frame to commit to cooking, attending the group calls, and participate in the FB group sharing your dishes and supporting the fellow group members

“I love the program so much! I love how you keep in touch. I truly enjoy our calls and all the ideas and information you provide. I love how you talk with so much confidence as well. You’re awesome!”

— Kristina R.

Here's what's included:

  • 4 once-weekly group video calls via Zoom to discuss:

    • Everyone’s wins in the kitchen during the week - important to celebrate what went well!

    • Any challenges when it comes to cooking and eating plant-based + general weight loss 

    • Health coaching and actionable tips each one of the members can take to overcome those challenges or barriers

    • Specific weekly topics regarding plant-based eating

    • Weekly Cooking Challenge or assignment that you’ll be working on during the week and sharing with the group members

    • The approximate duration of calls will be anywhere between one to two hours maximum.


  • Private Facebook group

    • High-vibed space where we will all stay active sharing the pictures of our plant-based meals and will hold each other accountable, inspired, and motivated!

    • Any questions, concerns, wins, and ideas can be shared here, plus I will provide daily support through it.


  • Weekly Cooking Challenge — everyone will share in the private FB Group the dishes they created based on the weekly topic showing off the lessons learned during our group call. 


  • Health Coaching support from me for a whole month through our group calls, FB group, and even private DMs ;) — This makes a world of a difference! Having me as a Coach will help you get the most out of this program since I’ll help you with any specific challenges that you may have and offer actionable tips and solutions to them.

After our 4 weeks together you'll...

  • Think outside the box when it's time to prepare a healthy meal

  • Find yourself trying new natural foods and loving what you make with them at home 

  • Make better food choices even when tired and hungry since you’ll know how to prepare quick and simple healthy dishes

  • Not go hungry with plant-based meals as you will know what you need to have in each meal to feel satisfied

  • Be filled with tons of ideas plus strategic ways to prepare meals and add whole natural foods to your diet

  • Have a group of extraordinary women who will serve as support and motivation with whom you can share virtually even after the program ends!


What you’ll gain from the program...

  • Know how to confidently cook and eat more natural plant-based foods as part of your lifestyle.

  • Creativity and independence in the kitchen since you’ll learn how to cook and mix up your veggies and natural foods in an intuitive way.


  • A boost of confidence since you’ll feel absolutely amazing in your body once you start seeing your weight going down gradually.

  • Motivation to keep incorporating healthy habits since you’ll feel a boost in energy and amazing with your new nourished body that you’re not going to want to stop there!

  • Coaching and guidance on how to lose weight through a plant-based diet plus healthy habits that will aid in the process of losing it and maintaining it balanced.

Transitioning into a diet full of natural plant-based foods can be daunting and confusing when we are used to eating the same things our whole lives.

Going plant-based doesn't have to be hard and it's 100% achievable!


With this structured program, you'll have the guidance of someone who went from eating ZERO veggies to being 100% plant-based! Having me as a health coach throughout the whole program will make a big difference since I’ll be able to provide you specific guidance and coaching to overcome your challenges and difficulties. I will also provide you actionable tips that you can work on during the journey that will help you get the results you are looking for.  


Plus you'll also enjoy the support and motivation from others that are in the same boat as you are, which will make things more fun and create a space of support and understanding. 

You don't need to be a chef or even a good cook.


I'll show you how easy it is to put together delicious plant-based meals that you'll love and feel satisfied with.

You'll be independent and creative in the kitchen in no time!

Creativity in the kitchen has always been a struggle for me. I would limit myself to the ingredients and foods I already was familiar with. At times, I'd find myself bored and unmotivated to eat what I'd cook. Now I find myself thinking outside of the box when its time to create and whip up a meal. This has helped me to try new things and to actually enjoy what I've made.


Another struggle I'd face was driving to the nearest fast food to get a quick bite after a long, exhausting day. I would then feel worse, rather than satisfied. My stomach would act up, I'd feel bloated and more tired. Now I'm aware and mindful of what I'm actually feeding my body and how my body reacts to certain foods. This has helped me to make better choices whenever I'm tired and starving, by whipping something quick and simple at home instead of ordering fast food. I can feel my body thanking me by not bloating and feeling terrible.


— KM Rivera

ready to eat more plants and absolutely love it?

Save your spot for the next round!


Let's go Plant-Based!

4-week Group Coaching Program 


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