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Energy + Productivity

Coaching Call

Single Session

Are you tired of spending hours on your couch watching Netflix after coming back from work because you have no motivation and energy to do anything else?

Let’s get you started on a routine that’ll help you get off of that couch and improve your energy levels throughout the day.

Plus you’ll have time to indulge in ME time Every. Single. Day! 

How does that sound?

So, how will this Coaching Call help you?

You'll have an optimal daily routine

I'll set you up with a routine that will help you have more structured days in which you'll find yourself feeling more energized, and therefore, productive.

Things such as exercise, cooking, and waking up will be done without extra effort

Your body will get used to a routine, and therefore it'll  know when to get ready for such activities that otherwise require extra effort to get done.

Since you'll have a structure set in place, you'll have time in your day for everything you want and need to do.

You’ll have time for responsibilities, fun, self-care, and rest every day

What's included in this Single Session?

  • 45 min Coaching Call in which you can tell me what you’re struggling with when it comes to having energy and being productive

  • I’ll provide you a few action steps that’ll get you started on a routine that will suit your needs and extra tips on how to maintain it


  • You will receive a follow-up email with the action steps and essential points discussed during the call

  • BONUS! I’ll also send you my guide on the Top 5 Actions You Can Take Today To Increase Your Energy And Keep It Going :)

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About me...

Hi my friend! My name is Gina Suarez, and I’m a Health Coach for women in Healthcare. After a few years of working as a Pharmacist in a very stressful environment and having a very unhealthy lifestyle, I started experiencing many health issues along with an emotional decline that left me drained and with a feeling of unfulfillment. 


I needed to regain my passion for life and my purpose, so I started a journey to health through nutrition and wellness practices that I learned through discipline and self-study. In between, I had different jobs, schedules, and responsibilities. I worked and traveled as a Yacht Stewardess for a few years, then back to Pharmacy as a Manager in a compounding pharmacy! Quite the time of my life :) 


Eventually, my journey led me to study and get certified as a Health Coach. Through it, I help other women who are looking for a balanced life where body, mind, and soul connect to bring out your vibrancy, have optimal health, and feel joy every day. Fine-tuning my days and lifestyle so I could have that balance, completely changed my life. Now I want to help you do the same.

Ready to get some structure and have more productive days?


Coaching Call

Single Session




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My loving community <3

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