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Puerto Rico

Corporate Experiences


RESET Retreats curates wellness experiences in Puerto Rico for corporations all around the world. We take care of the logistics, organization, hosting, and experiences so that you too can sit back and enjoy your time on the island.


Our Mission is to create unforgettable memories for you, our clients. Experiences that help your team bond and grow long after the retreat is over.

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Reset Retreats began as a way to create community and help people manage anxiety during the pandemic. It was created by Health Coach Gina Suarez and Personal Coach Andrea Alemañy.


During the lockdowns, they realized how recharging it is to spend time in nature. They combined their passion for travel and adventure with their experience in plant-based nutrition, breathwork, and yoga training to create experiences for others to recharge as well.



Ginamaría Suárez

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach



Hi! I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Pharmacist, and a lover of everything related to wellness. I help other women improve their lifestyle and reach their health goals naturally through plant-based nutrition and healthy habits. I love traveling, spending time in nature, and connecting with positive people.

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Andrea Alemañy

Personal Coach


Hello! I'm Andrea Alemany, and I'm a Personal Coach and Breathwork facilitator. I help people manage anxiety and live a fulfilling and happy life. I am passionate about personal development and helping people connect with their purpose. I've traveled to over 70 countries, and my goal is to bring this energy of adventure as you get to know my home country of Puerto Rico.

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