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Plant-Based Chef

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My name is Ginamaría Suárez. I am a Pharmacist and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I went from eating practically zero vegetables or fruits to having a plant-based diet. Now I help others improve their health, starting with a natural plant-focused diet, combined with healthy habits. In addition to this, I share techniques and practical tips for healthy eating during wellness retreats that I organize and host on my home island of Puerto Rico and internationally. 

Through my offers, I help you incorporate more veggies and plant-based foods into your diet -- no matter which diet you follow -- in a practical and simple manner, so you can enjoy the health and quality of life you want and deserve.

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Client experiences

"As a  health care worker and mom, I was looking for ways to eat healthier with my current busy schedule. Gina has been a great support on how to integrate more plants in my diet and she kept me accountable on how to make this change and her knowledge about plants and self-care is vast. Highly recommend working with Gina if you are looking to get your health to the next level."

— Keila T.

"Creativity in the kitchen has always been a struggle for me. I would limit myself to ingredients and foods I already was familiar with. At times, I'd find myself bored and unmotivated to eat what I'd cook. Now I find myself thinking outside the box when it's time to create and whip up a meal. This has helped me to try new things and to actually enjoy what I've made."

— Kristina R.

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